How To Get My Brand Noticed on TikTok

With over 1.5 billion downloads and more than 1 billion active monthly users, TikTok has emerged as a hub for creativity, marketing, and advertising. With TikTok users spending up to an hour on the platform every day, TikTok has managed to generate over $208 billion in e-commerce in 2022 alone!

Retailers can’t afford to miss out on the opportunities TikTok offers to increase brand awareness and reach new customers. Here are some tips on how to use TikTok for business and get your brand noticed to ace TikTok selling.

Master TikTok Basics

1. Utilize Trending Audio

TikTok users love engaging with content that features viral audio tracks. Take note of the tracks and audio clips that top TikToks you come across are using and incorporate them into your content to increase views. But remember, you don’t have to be viral to boost your brand awareness.

By using trending audio, you’ll be able to produce engaging content that captures users’ attention and aligns with the latest trends on the platform. This strategy will help your content stay on trend and attract new viewers, increasing the chances of your retail brand gaining TikTok traction.

2. Work the Algorithm

You can excel TikTok promotion by understanding, mastering, and using the platform’s algorithm to your benefit. Its algorithm dictates which content is shown to users, and it is influenced by factors including engagement, posting frequency, and relevant hashtags.

To ensure that your retail brand gets noticed on TikTok, be consistent with posting quality content that captures the interest of your target audience. Engage your viewers by replying to comments, sharing user-generated content, and encouraging discussions around your brand. Doing so will signal the algorithm that your content is valuable and deserving of a wider reach.

3. Leverage Trending Hashtags

TikTok thrives on trends. Incorporating popular hashtags into your content can boost your brand awareness. Look up and include hashtags relevant to your retail brand and audience.

Get a jump on your competition by keeping an eye on TikTok’s Discover page for the latest trending hashtags and using them for your posts. Doing so will increase the likelihood of your content being discovered by a wider audience, potentially attracting new followers and customers.

4. Collaborate With Influencers

Influencer partnerships are a powerful way to extend the reach of your brand’s TikTok promotion and connect with potential customers. Identify influencers with a strong following within your target market and collaborate with them to create content showcasing your products or services.

By partnering with well-respected influencers, you’ll benefit from their extensive reach and enhance your brand’s credibility, as these influencers’ endorsements will lend social proof to your products.

5. Cross-Post on Other Platforms

Maximize your TikTok content’s impact by cross-posting on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Shorts. Tailor content to each platform’s unique characteristics, such as Instagram Reels or Facebook native videos.

Maintain consistent brand identity and messaging across all platforms so your viewers and shoppers instantly recognize you. Track and analyze the performance of cross-posted content to optimize your strategy. This can increase brand awareness and exposure, attract new followers, and drive growth for your retail business.

Maximize Your Branding With TikTok Selling

You can also boost your brand awareness by being clever with selling on TikTok. Shoppable posts and TikTok live selling are two of the most common ways to sell on TikTok, and we have found a few handy tricks that can set you up for success.

Shoppable Posts

Shoppable TikToks are a great way to build brand awareness and get new shoppers. To get the most out of your shoppable TikToks:

  • Select a unique product or offer at a competitive price to spark interest and drive impulse purchases or FOMO.
  • Utilize stickers like “Buy Now!” in your TikTok videos to emphasize the price and call-to-action.
  • Engage with customers to create a positive buying experience by responding to comments.
  • Capitalize on post popularity by using the reply-to-comment feature to share follow-up videos with additional products.

TikTok users enjoy acknowledged interactions! Using the reply-to-comment feature will also encourage viewers to visit the original post, and you can repeat the process with different comments to keep the engagement going.

Turn first-time buyers into loyal customers by promoting your other sales channels (like your own branded website or mobile app) via packaging materials promos.

Live Selling

Acing the first 10 minutes of your TikTok live sale can be a game changer for your brand’s TikTok promotion. You can attract new viewers and turn them into customers by perfecting this crucial time window. Here’s how:

  • First 2 minutes: Start by telling new users who you are, what your business is all about, and what you’re passionate about. Let them know why your products are worth their attention and why they should buy from you.
  • Minutes 2 to 4: Give users a sneak peek of your products and their prices. As you show off the items, let them know how much they’ll cost.
  • Minutes 4 to 7: Secure a sale within the first 10 minutes of your live session to trigger TikTok’s algorithm to highlight your stream to viewers. Tempt purchases by highlighting budget-friendly ($9.99 to $15.99) products first and offering instant discounts.
  • Minutes 7 to 10: This is prime time to put the spotlight on your signature products and unique items. Sweeten the deal for first-time customers by providing exclusive discounts, turning curious viewers into buyers.

Unlock TikTok’s Potential: Engage, Inspire, and Drive Sales with Powerful Strategies

TikTok is an essential platform for engaging customers, building your brand awareness, and driving sales. To fully harness its potential, focus on understanding your audience, creating targeted content, and leveraging live selling.

Utilize powerful live selling tools and master TikTok’s algorithm, shoppable posts, and multichannel selling to stay ahead of the curve. Keep providing value and stay on top of trends to stand out from the competition so you can strengthen your brand presence. Embrace TikTok’s dynamic nature and watch your brand thrive both on the platform and across other selling channels.


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