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The Advantages of Facebook Premiere Videos

3 min read

Facebook Premiere videos have been around since 2018. They are nothing new, but more and more businesses are starting to use them.

So how can Facebook Premieres help business owners like you? First, let’s take a look at what it is.

Oprah using Facebook Premiere as a way to give her audience a voice.

What is Facebook Premiere?

Facebook Premiere is a feature that allows you to schedule pre-recorded videos to broadcast as live moments on Facebook Pages. (Note that this does not work for Facebook Groups.)

Your audience can still Like, Share, and comment in real time just like Facebook Live. However, you don’t have to be stuck behind the camera, and page administrators don’t have to be present either.

The videos can be scheduled anywhere from 10 minutes to a week in advance. Once published, your video will debut with Premiere indicator in the lefthand corner.

So, what are the benefits of Facebook Premiere for business? We can think of a few!

Smiling woman holding up a sweater in front of a mobile phone on a tripod.

Generate Buzz

Premiere videos are a great way to build buzz for an upcoming event or announcement. Need some ideas?

  • Ask followers to watch your video to reveal a giveaway prize and display instructions on how to enter for a chance to win it.
  • Use Premieres to launch a new product or collection with a video lookbook.
  • Want to show off a big announcement like opening your new storefront? Use a Premiere!
  • You can even conduct scheduled Live Sales through Premieres!

Get creative! The possibilities are endless.

Woman in yellow shirt looking down

Send Reminders with Notifications

Once you schedule a Premiere, it will show up as a post to your page. Customers can then choose to get a reminder of when your video goes live. This tactic keeps customers in anticipation of your video.


Anyone who subscribes will get a notification 20 minutes prior to your Premiere. Three minutes before your Premier, they’ll get a notification that they can join a broadcast lobby. The broadcast lobby is where customers can hang out, Comment, Like, and Share while a countdown timer ticks down.

A diverse group of people interacting on their phones through social media.
Get Distribution in Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch has amassed a global daily user base of 140 million since its launch. On average, this audience spends 26 minutes a day watching and interacting videos that show up there. That’s good news for those who use Premieres!

Once your Premiere video is done with its live broadcast, it may qualify for distribution through Facebook Watch, which means more reach and discoverability for your brand.

Women relaxing by sitting and having a cup of coffee.

Enjoy Convenience

The obvious advantage of pre-recorded video is that you or your staff don’t have to be there to conduct it. If your time is limited, your staff is on vacation, or you need a relaxing weekend, Premieres will have you covered.

Camera shy? Premieres can help you work through your discomfort and practice routines that will feel you confident before taking the plunge to live video.

The Takeaway

Premieres offer all the interaction that a live video would with all the convenience of a pre-recorded one. With them, you can generate significant buzz for an upcoming event or announcement with tools that can keep them anticipating its debut.

Your video may even be distributed through Facebook Watch, where you can expand your reach and meet new customers!

All of these are good tactics for social sellers wanting to keep their audiences engaged with minimal effort.

And if you don’t have it? Don’t worry. Facebook will continue to roll out these changes for more and more Pages. Keep on checking!

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