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5 Types of Emails That Strengthen Your Customer Loyalty

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Online retail would feel pretty impersonal without brands’ making a consistent effort to reach their customer base. In fact, 95% of customers expect proactive communications from brands they do business with.

Retailers are turning to email automation to fine-tune their marketing and intelligently send the timely and relevant information that they expect.

Here are the 5 essential automated email campaigns that help them build customer relationships and grow both loyalty and revenue.

Woman on laptop smiles as she receives a warm welcome email from a boutique she recently shopped with.

1. Welcome New Customers

The welcome email is your first chance to make a stellar first impression. You want your brand to be known, not just another name on an email list! A little hello is all it takes to kick start this familiarity.

Welcome emails have a 91.43% open rate, which means this email campaign has the most opportunity to convert subscribers to actual paying customers.

With an average click-through rate that’s 4x higher than any other type of marketing email, it will be the most engaged-with email you’ll likely ever send. If you’re not sending welcome emails that encourage them to shop with you, you need to start now.

Woman checking out with her first-purchase discount given to her through automated emails.

2. Gift a First Purchase Discount

First-time purchase discount is a one-time campaign meant to engage customers that haven’t bought with you within the first week or so after registering or subscribing with you.

48% of consumers feel more likely to make a purchase sooner than normal to use an offer. This one-time discount can hook timid window shoppers into making their first-time buy with you.

Woman smiles as she checks her email on her phone. She is greeted by a thank you email from an online store she recently purchased with.

3. Thank First-Time Purchasers

First-time purchase emails aim to make a good impression with customers.

Just like a handshake made after a deal, this simple email is a nice gesture to show your appreciation to customers after they have made their first purchase with you. While simple, it’s a powerful way to build trust with them.

Surprised woman looks wide eyed and bites down on her credit card at the sight of an email reminding her that her items are about to expire from her shopping cart.

4. Send reminders for Abandoned Cart Recovery

The average cart abandonment rate is at a staggering 67.91%, making abandoned cart recovery emails a must-have for any eCommerce business.

With this campaign, you can win back those missed sales! Approximately 45% of cart recovery emails get opened, nearly half! With the right strategy, you could be winning back many of those missed sales.

The most effective cart recovery sends are comprised of 3 emails-

1. A reminder email that items were left in their cart.
2. A reminder that their items will soon expire from their cart.
3. A notification that the item has expired, but is still available for purchasing.

For best results, each should include a bold and visible call to action to continue checkout.

Smiling woman laying on bed looks at her iPad where she's received a 15% discount to win back her customer loyalty.

5. Win Back Inactive Customers

It’s demoralizing to lose customers you’ve worked hard to build relationships with. It doesn’t just hurt your pride, it hurts your bottom line too.

On average, 40% of revenue comes from repeat customers! It also can cost you up to five times more to get a new one than to simply win-back shoppers who have dropped off the radar.

Win-back campaigns are key to your customer retention strategy. These emails will be sent to those who have been inactive after a period of time.  For best results, the emails should be set to send after 30 days of inactivity.

Reengage with an irresistible incentive make a repeat purchase. Then watch your customers come back with an eagerness to shop with you all over again.

The Takeaway

Marketing emails are critical to forging customer relationships- from one time campaigns that help jump start the customer journey, all the way to the end.

On-going campaigns, like cart abandonment and customer retention emails, keep shoppers hooked with your brand and build lasting loyalty.

And with marketing automation software, you have tremendous power to improve customer experience, convert more shoppers, and drive repeat purchases all without ever having to press send. All you’ll need to do is set it and forget it!

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