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Improve Your Social Selling Results, Today

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So you’ve got your business set up on all the latest social media sites, but now what? Social media has truly become an art in the twenty-first century and getting noticed in this unending, museum of content doesn’t have to be intimidating. Here are 5 points to always keep in mind while you are expanding your business’s social media presence.

1. Timing is Everything!

We all know that publishing your post at 1AM on a Tuesday night might not be the most advantages time to get the word out about your business. But did you know there is actual scientific data that has been gathered and analyzed for years for the sole purpose of discovering the most optimal time for social media posts? That’s right! There are actual charts you can refer to when planning out your next post so that you can be sure you are reaching the greatest amount of future customers.

facebook engagement times
Depending on what social media platform you are preparing to publish, and the content of what you are posting are all to be taken into consideration for your post.

2. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

It’s important to take the time to create, take, and edit great photos of your items. You have 10-15 seconds to make that first impression on your customer who is scrolling through their Facebook or Instagram feed, so making sure you have clear, bright, attractive photos of your items can really make a world of difference.

good photo


bad photo

Taking photos of your items is such a fun and creative way to really present the aesthetic of your brand. Using the same background and props are a great way to keep the look of your photos on brand, even if you use it for a thousand different items.

3. Engage With Your Customers

Simply sitting back and letting the “likes” roll in is not going to cut it these days. Consumers are now more educated than ever before; they have done research, they are familiar with price points, and they aren’t afraid to ask questions! We can now connect with people from all over the world to find out exactly where we can find the best quality, and the best deal.

Engaging with your customers is the most important way to keep up with your social media presence. Make sure you are responding to questions customers have asked, as well as all your business reviews. Even a simple “Thanks for you time to leave feedback” on positive reviews shows the customer that they are appreciated. This engagement with your online audience is also proof to future buyers that you are a real person who can respond to their questions and values their business.

Interacting with your customers doesn’t have to be all reviews and answering questions. For example, creating a fun hashtag for followers to use can be an efficient way to engage with your customer while also getting their endorsement of your brand. Companies have used the hashtag to not just promote themselves, but also for exciting giveaways and to see how their audience applies their product in their everyday lives. #commentsoldrulz

4. To Post or Not To Post, That is the Question

Find a balance in the amount of content you are posting to your social media accounts. You want to stay relevant and fresh, while not becoming repetitive or overloading to a customers posting feed.

So how do you find out what this balance is without wasting time? In a study published by it was discovered that Facebook accounts with 10,000+ followers tend to do best at 2 posts a day, maximizing their click rates. Interestingly, accounts with less than 10,000 followers did better at the rate of 1-5 times per month, maximizing click rates and therefore driving traffic to their page.

Now this doesn’t mean you are restricted to posting or selling once a month if you don’t have thousands of followers. As a matter of fact, integrating a product like CommentSold into your business is an optimal way to jump start your follower base.

5. Learn Who Your Audience Is

Pay attention and take note of posts that have done exceptionally well. This will be key in creating quality content that your customers will want to engage with. Ask yourself questions like, “Was there a certain time this was posted?”, “Was the photo of a certain quality or aesthetic?”, “Was this a post about a sale or promotion?”.


This is your chance to gain perspective on how your online customers want to interact with you. Now, this won’t be an overnight project. But the reward is well worth the effort! Getting to know your customers will keep them coming back, will get them engaging with you, will then lead to them referring friends and family to your business, thus growing your followers and business.

Social Media has revolutionized the world from how we make friends, to how we do business. This is an exciting time to be a part of the adventure, as the next wave of innovation is always right around the corner! See ya on the other side!

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