9 Ways to Drive Mother’s Day Live Selling Success

Mother’s Day is a day filled with warmth, joy, and appreciation for the mothers and mother figues in our lives. This year Mother’s Day falls on the 14th of May. More than 80% of Americans say they celebrate Mother’s Day, and it is anticipated that $31.7 billion will be spent on Mother’s Day this year (2023). According to the National Retail Federation, Mother’s Day is a great opportunity  for online retail business owners by offering a great chance to enhance customer interaction. You can gain a competitive edge, promote your brand, and create long-lasting relationships by developing a thoughtful Mother’s Day marketing campaign that boosts sales and engagement. 

There are many techniques you can use to drive live selling success for Mother’s Day, like developing persuasive marketing campaigns, utilizing social media, providing unique promotions, optimizing your website and mobile app, and prioritizing excellent customer service. 

Here are nine ideas to help you drive live selling success this Mother’s Day season: 

1. Host a Special Mom and Me Live Selling Session for Mother’s Day

Hosting a Mom & Me fashion show with live selling can be a memorable and enjoyable way to honor the unique relationship between moms and their children while boosting sales. Throughout the live event, you could showcase coordinated mother-child clothing pieces, such as dresses, accessories, or shoes. Bring on your friends and family who can model for you on your live stream, or actual mother-child teams to present the items in a fun and engaging way. During the live show, give styling advice, outfit suggestions, and emphasize the distinctive qualities of the clothing. Encourage viewer participation by soliciting comments, running surveys, or even allowing viewers to join in the fun by sharing their mom and me fashion moments.

2. Create Mother’s Day Themed Promotions

With your social media channels, you can advertise specific Mother’s Day promos such as limited-time offers, bundled or exclusive discounts. Use “urgency” tactics to promote your Mother’s Day offers such as “Time is running out to get your gifts for Mother’s Day” as another way to remind your audience of an upcoming gifting occasion and close the sale. You could also offer “limited time” Mother’s Day deals throughout your website to enable shoppers to choose your brand’s best, yet affordable gifts for their mothers.

3. Add a Special Mother’s Day Collection To Your Website and Mobile App

A smart strategy to improve client engagement and boost sales is to add a special Mother’s Day collection to your website and mobile app. Give your customers a captivating and convenient shopping experience with a unique selection of Mother’s Day-related goods or services. This may include thoughtful gifts, individualized presents, or special offers. It will also encourage shoppers to explore and buy items from your carefully curated collection if they’re stumped about what to get. A special Mother’s Day collection can excite your clientele, promote return business and boost customer loyalty. Also, it emphasizes your company’s dedication to honoring mothers, which may strike a chord with socially-conscious consumers  and earn some goodwill for your brand. 

4. Make It Convenient With Mother’s Day Gift Cards

On Mother’s Day, offering gift cards for your brand is a practical choice that enables customers to show their love and admiration for mothers meaningfully. Gift cards provide an easy Mother’s Day gifting option for last-minute shoppers or people unsure what to get. Gift cards can drive repeat purchases and introduce new clients to your brand. As gift cards are frequently shared or used to introduce new consumers to your business, they can be a marketing tool to promote your brand and raise brand recognition. In general, issuing gift cards for your brand for Mother’s Day can benefit customers and your company by providing a thoughtful gift option and increasing sales and brand awareness.

5. Drive In-Store Sales With BOPIS

For Mother’s Day, buy online pickup in-store (BOPIS) is an effective choice for last-minute gift purchasers. BOPIS eliminates the need for shipping and guarantees prompt delivery by enabling customers to browse and buy gifts online before picking them up at your physical store. BOPIS offers a quick and dependable solution for people who might have missed the shipping deadlines or are seeking a last-minute Mother’s Day gift. With the extra advantage of instant gratification and the capacity to physically inspect the item before gifting it, it provides the convenience of internet shopping. BOPIS also allows you to offer clients personalized advice and recommendations when they show up to pick up their gifts, enhancing the customer experience. BOPIS can increase in-store foot traffic, grow sales for your brand and lead to additional purchases. BOPIS provides last-minute Mother’s Day gift buyers with a practical and straightforward choice, giving them a quick and simple way to find the perfect gift.

6. Send Mother’s Day Driven App Notifications and Emails

App notifications and emails can be effective marketing strategies to advertise your Mother’s Day collection and interact with your customers. With app notifications, send specific messages to your app’s users to let them know about special Mother’s Day deals, discounts, or new products. These alerts catch their interest, entice them to look through your inventory, and even prompt a purchase. 

On the other hand, you can send emails to your subscribers to alert them about your Mother’s Day collection in a timely and personalized manner. You can display your products, draw attention to special offers, and even make specialized gift recommendations for various sorts of mothers, based on their personalities.

7. Promote Your Mother’s Day Live Sale with a Giveaway

Giving away curated products to promote your Mother’s Day live sale can be an effective marketing tactic to draw in and keep customers. A gift card, a unique Mother’s Day-themed item, or a personalized present are just a few examples of giveaways that can appeal to your target audience’s interests and preferences. In addition to encouraging customers to participate in your live sale, this incentive also fosters a sense of urgency and exclusivity, which increases viewership and engagement. A giveaway can also boost social media shares, reach, and engagement because participants are likely to spread the word about the offer to their networks, raising awareness of your company and generating buzz for your Mother’s Day live sale event. 

8. Use Dropshipping To Expand Your Product Offerings

Dropshipping can be a helpful tactic to increase your Mother’s Day product offers and provide your customers with more choices. You could quickly expand your product suite without the initial expense and risk of using traditional inventory management. You can quickly and effectively add presents, one-of-a-kind products, or trendy items that fit with the tastes and interests of your target market for Mother’s Day, just by using dropshipping. This can help you offer a broad and varied assortment of goods that will appeal to a more comprehensive range of customers with different tastes and price points. Without worrying about managing inventory, dropshipping can give you the flexibility and scalability to increase your Mother’s Day products freeing up your time to concentrate on marketing, customer interaction, and sales growth.

9. Use Shoppable and Clickable Posts On Your Social Media

This Mother’s Day, using social media to promote your brand is another great strategy to boost sales and give your audience an easy purchasing experience. Shoppable posts enable you to exhibit your goods or services immediately on social media sites like Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram with tags or links that take customers directly to your online store for simple payment. Your Mother’s Day products or promotions can be featured in visually captivating posts with persuasive captions, product descriptions, and calls-to-action. Make the purchasing process as easy and convenient as possible for your followers by encouraging them to click on the tags or links in the posts and purchase directly from them. 

Using Mother’s Day hashtags in your clickable social media posts will also help your material become more visible and discoverable, expanding your audience and letting you interact with users actively looking for content connected to Mother’s Day. Consider working with influencers or brand advocates to increase your reach and promote your shoppable posts. Shoppable posts on social media give your audience a simple and convenient method to find and buy your Mother’s Day goods while enabling you to monitor and assess the success of your social media marketing initiatives.

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