4 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs A Social Media Coordinator

Social media upkeep is one of the most crucial aspects of being a business owner. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most challenging.

In addition to juggling daily business operations, you must make time to create original content to keep engagement rates up. Plus, with social media always changing and new multiple social platforms to keep up with, who has time to keep up with it all and grow their business?

At first, it may be okay to do this job yourself, or even have a team member do it from time to time. However, you’re far better off hiring a social media coordinator to do such an important task as this. We’ll explain why.

Smiling woman working as a social media coordinator at her laptop.

1. Get the social media expertise you need

A social media coordinator’s job is to manage and market on each of your social media pages. A large portion of their job is to plan and execute social marketing campaigns.

Social media coordinators help drive interest in social pages by creating original, engaging content, as well as scheduling new arrivals, posting and promoting social sales. As many business owners have experienced first hand, this can be quite the undertaking. It takes a dedicated person to schedule out posts, continuously engage your audience, and show off new products regularly on every platform.

Not to mention, no social media platform is exactly alike. Seasoned social media coordinators have in-depth knowledge or and keep abreast of new trends, changes, and tools of the different popular social media platforms. This means they’re equipped to understand and adopt a marketing strategy and content based on each. It helps if they’re equipped to leverage certain tools, such as an auto-scheduler, for these tasks.

Social media coordinators will also take your goals into consideration and translate them into content and campaigns that are consistent with all brand messaging. As such, they will not only put together the strategy but are mindful of other marketing endeavors outside of social. They can then develop a monthly social media calendar which can be shared to ensure aligned marketing efforts.

In addition to this, they should also be able to gauge the success of their efforts. A social media coordinator will analyze metrics on a monthly basis. If something is working well for your brand, they will maintain the momentum, but they also have the flexibility to change their strategy if need be. This is key to cultivating a highly effective social media strategy.

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2. Boost your engagement rates

Social media coordinators help businesses increase their online presence, building buzz for new products, and convert that buzz into revenue. To do such, they will post daily on the brand’s behalf across all social networks.

The content that they create must be exciting, fun, relevant, engaging, and/or meaningful. Because of this, social media coordinators must be creative but also disciplined enough to plan and deliver on-brand content effectively. They must also be willing to collaborate with team members to create content that exudes brand personality and culture.

It’s a huge plus if they have skills in graphic design, photography, and video and photo editing to help them create truly polished branded material.

Woman messaging with a social coordinator.

3. Protect brand reputation & help your customers

Because social media coordinators are responsible for creating content that engages your audience, they must be prepared to directly interact with them as a result.

Most social media coordinators have bachelor’s degrees in marketing or communications. Overall, they have strong communication skills that enable them to address comments, inquiries, and direct messages in a professional manner. A responsive brand makes people more likely to trust and do business with them.

They may spend their time responding to comments in a brand-positive and authentic way. This is not limited to handling customer service inquiries that come through social channels as well as responding to and sharing user-generated content.


4. Free up your time to focus on growing your business

Get more done! Hiring a social media coordinator frees up your time to grow your business. As your business scales, it’s important to delegate tasks to team members with expertise. Social media management is a hefty task to place on yourself. Hand it over to someone who knows how to get results.

Without a social strategy, in-depth knowledge of social platforms, content curation skills, or a job devoted to social communication, your social media efforts could fall flat. Instead of struggling to keep up with it all, it makes sense to hire a knowledgeable team member dedicated to this task.


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